Important effect of healthy and unhealthy foods

healthy and unhealthy foods

healthy and unhealthy foods

Everyone wants to live a long life with follow junk food, but it loses its sense, if you are weak, sick, with a bunch of diseases. It is correct to say everyone wants to be young and full of energy as long as possible.  During the last century, we handled a lot of diseases, such as measles, diphtheria, Meningococcal, and others, by implementing vaccination programs.

But there is no secret pill against Diabetics, which is an incurable epidemic in the last few decades. All scientists find the connection between this disease and obesity. According to the World Health Organization, obesity increased more than three times since the 1975 year. Approximately 2 billion people suffer from overweight, and 650 of them are obese. And it kills people more frequently than even car accidents and terrorist attacks.

But how lucky we are, that obesity is preventable! Just stop eating junk food and do more sport! Junk food, on the one hand, saves us from starvation, because this kind of food is affordable for everyone and so tasty, that it is hard to refuse eating it. But on the other hand, it leads to overweight, inflammations, and Diabetics.

We can find junk food everywhere – petrol stations, fast food restaurants, supermarkets. You should avoid consuming such stuff as french fries, mayonnaise, all kind of semi-finished food, sweet beverages, food that looks fat and unnatural. On the contrary, a healthy diet is the one that looks natural without chemical additives, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners, and so on.

Sometimes we are misled by food that looks healthy on the first view, but if you read its description, you will be surprised how much sugar is there. For example, ketchup, barbecue sauces, yogurts, mustard, low-fat dairy products. But what is wrong about sugar? It is like toxic poison for our bodies. It makes us addicted because of a high level of insulin in our blood and leads to inflammations and hurts our immune system.

Now the problem of over-consuming junk food is becoming global and crucial. Why smoking is forbidden in public places, and selling of junk food is not regulated? A lot of people still don’t take it as a severe problem, because of the postponed effect that it makes on the health. But we can feel some impact daily: lack of energy, inability to concentrate, less productivity, acne, unhealthy skin, and so on.

So if you find that some of these markers refer to you, think about changing your diet.  It is essential to have a well-balanced diet full of nutrition. The organism needs quality fuel to run all processes. So when you have a lunch break, and you are waiting to have a quick bite of something, think about consequences. 

There are some great things in favor of a healthy Food:

  • You will save money for medical intervention. Young people don’t care about a future disease that follows consuming junk food day after day. Ok, if you have medical insurance and don’t care, you can save money on life insurance, which costs demand on your medical tests.
  • You will reduce your weight and enhance your confidence. Nothing to comment, just believe that you will feel much better.
  • Live a longer and healthier life. Do you want to know how AI will take over the world in the future? This is the matter to live more, isn’t it?
  • There always are alternatives to some junk snacks—for example, nuts, boiled eggs, fruits, hummus with vegetables, organic yogurt. Eating junk food is just a habit. So it is all up to you, what will you choose for the next meal?

50 shades of sugar

You might have known at least a few types of sugar: brown and white sugar. But its variety is much greater than you probably expect.  Do you know the difference between Muscovado and Turbinado? Explore with us where different types of sugar are used and how they are produced.

We consume sugars in everyday life to prepare some desserts or to sweeten a cup of coffee. Sugars are extracted from two plants: tropical sweet canes and from roots of pale, fresh beets.

What are the kinds of white sugar?

The diversity of white sugars provided by its different shapes and purposes of usage. You can meet regular sugars, confectioners sugars, fruit sugars, coarse sugars, superfine sugars, baker’s special sugars, and sand sugar.

1. Refine white sugar  (which is also called “regular”) is the most common type of sugar, which you can find in every house and supermarket. We use it to prepare bakery, to add a sweet taste to different dishes. It is granulated, and its small crystals are well-defined.

2. Confectioners sugar –

if you ground refined sugar into a powder, you will get a confectioner sugar or icing sugar. To prevent caking, it is allowed to add 3% of cornstarch to the powder. This type of sugar is used in confections, some creams, and decorating cakes. Icing sugar is used in a frosting.

3. Coarser sugar has bigger particles. Its shape makes it good for baking if you don’t want sugar changes its color.

4. Sanding sugar is something between coarse and regular sugar. It is used to decorate the final topping of the baked goods. It could be in different colors. The main purpose of using this sugar is to make a sparkling decoration.

5. Fruit sugar is another king of white sugar that has uniform particles, and it makes it perfect for some dry mixes.

And like a bonus to white sugars, there is extra one type of sugar, which you can meet in receipts of Scandinavian baking – pearl sugar. Due to its big sharp crystals, it doesn’t melt even under the high temperature.

So if you are a great baker, you can operate with all of these types of sugar and create delicious masterpieces.

What do you know about brown sugar?

It gets its color because of molasses or brown sugar syrup added to regular sugar. Molasses is produced when the sugar is being refined. Brown sugar is also a kind of unrefined or partially refined sugar. It can have light or deep brown color, which depends on the amount of molasses added to the sugar

Turbinado sugar is one of the most “raw” kinds of cane sugar. It consists of natural molasses that saved after the 1st pressing of the cane. It is used in producing beverages and also sweetening baked goods.

Demerara sugar has a beautiful gold color. It is also a variety of raw sugars, but in spite of turbinado, it has bigger grains.

Muscovado is very dark brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor.  It is generally used in barbeque sauces or smth. Types of sugar, types of sugars are the most popular and widely used.  Moreover, there are liquid sugars produced by dissolving white sugar in water, coconut and palm sugars, and many more.




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