• Wednesday , 7 April 2021

How harmful papaya is and how it should be eaten


 Harmful papaya

Papaya is a vegetable or fruit very beneficial for our body. This vegetable in raw condition and fruit in ripe season. It contains plenty of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that are beneficial for health. Not only that, but papaya is also called Vitamin Store.

Carotene is more in papaya than other fruits. And because the amount of calories is very low, those who suffer from fat problems can eat papaya easily. Just do not lose weight, but papas have many other health benefits.

It is rich in vitamins A and C. It also contains Potassium. So this fruit helps keep blood pressure under control. Reduces hypertension, as well. Papaya reduces the levels of various harmful cholesterol in the body. But how dangerous this papaya is, let’s know.

1) Ripe papaya is a good source of Vitamin C and E. At the same time, there is plenty of fiber and folic acid. Raw papaya has latex, which causes problems in the urine. These conventional ideas are not yet proved wrong as it is the reason for miscarriage, or a dead child is born. So most mothers do not eat papaya during pregnancy, and doctors also advise not to eat it.

2) It creates problems in the gut tunnel. It is good to eat papaya, but eating extra papaya will cause problems with your esophagus. So, more than one cup of papaya should not be consumed a day.

3) it has an element called ‘Papain.’ It is so poisonous that any part of the baby in the womb is destroyed. It is not okay to drink papaya while breast-feeding the baby. So it is better not to eat papaya for several months.

4) The glue between the papaya increases the problem of allergies. This problem arises from raw papaya most. 5) Papaya creates low blood pressure. So if you are a pressure patient, then avoid eating papaya.




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