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Hair care in this winter

Hair care

The cold winds in nature already bowing. At this time the skin needs special care. Hair care is must to be taken separately. Due to whether the skin becomes rough and also the hair gets dandruff.

Due to dry weather in winter, there is a problem of hair dandruff. Besides, due to excessive pollution, the problem remains the same throughout the year. So need extra protection, extra care to your hair in this winter?  There many others problem in hair in this winter. The others problems may be straw- like-stand, Static, Slit ends, Matted hair, Hat hair. The most problematic problem is dandruff. We will talk about this problem. I will share with you some home remedies also so that you can rid of these problems most importantly dandruff problem.

Dandruff is most commonly responsible for hair loss, rough hair, and various scalp infections. So, if you do not get the right time to solve the problem of dandruff, then the hair filled with it and hair can fall into thin air.
We use various ingredients to avoid dandruff problems. Some of these are beneficial, and some of the hair sticks twelve times.

Dandruff problems can be solved by resorting to domestic ways. They cost less. There is no side effect. Let’s know some ways to solve the problem of dandruff without treatment.winter hair

sour yogurt

It is very effective to survive the problem of dandruff. Massage your skin on the head to eliminate dandruff. Keep aside for 10 minutes and wash it well. Hairdressing can be used twice this way until the problem of dandruff is completely removed. This is too much active way to reduce dandruff.


Lemon juice

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a little water and massage it well. Wash your hair after massage for 2-5 minutes. Lemon juice can be used twice a week until the problem of dandruff is completely removed.

Onion juice

Onion juice is the unique ingredient to remove dandruff. Mix two onions well in one mug water. Apply this onion juice on the head and mix it well. After a while, wash with light hot water. This way, twice a week, onion juice will give you quick relief in the dandruff problems. Lemon has one types of acid which is so much effective for your hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very operative in reducing the incidence of dandruff. Apart from this, moisturizing hair may reduce the likelihood of dandruff and scalp infections. Getting a little warm coconut oil twice a week at this way will give you fast benefits.

Matty Bake well by filling it with water in the morning and scratched in the morning. Do not drop the water that is scratched. Apply the fatty hairy head to the head and apply it to the head skin. Wash the hair well after keeping it in an hour. After washing hair wash your hair once more with soaked water. Thus, twice a week, fenugreek-massaging can be used to get relief quickly.hair


Reetha will help you to enhance hair beauty. It is also very active in solving dandruff problems. Put Reetha powder or Reetha cured water on your hair and wash it well in an hour. In this way, twice a week, you will get rid of tiredness in your dandruff problem. In this winter hopefully these tips will help you to becoming more beautiful.






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