• Wednesday , 27 January 2021

Google’s first wireless headphone is coming

wireless headphone

 wireless headphone :

Google’s brand earbuds are coming to the market. The US Tech Products Manufacturer has unveiled this year’s bard at the annual hardware disclosure ceremony. The name of this device is Pixel Bade. In this new gadget Gesture Control, has been added with many more eye-catching features, and for changing the song, it has a touching mood. Using pixel buds can be attending call-and-volume-increase-reduction. Built-in Google Assistant can be activated by touching the right earbud.

Earbuds coming in the market in black, white, and blue colors. Earbuds have been priced at $ 159. Charging cases that match the color of the earbuds are able to charge them several times. Songs can be heard 24 hours through earbuds. You can also pair with Android Smartphones or any Android operating system running smartphones. The phone song will be heard on the earbuds by launching the Fast Pair feature.

wireless headphone

Google will be able to provide special benefits to pixel subscribers, even though earbuds will work on any device supported in Bluetooth. Google has said, through this year, Pixel subscribers will get the instant translation of ongoing conversations instantly through Google Translator.

If people talk through earbuds, it will be able to translate their translation immediately with the help of Google Translator. It can translate 40 languages. Earlier, some projects took such initiatives but could not succeed. How successful is it to see now? Source: The Verges


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