Glow in the dark Balloons add Colors and Brightness in party

Glow in the dark balloons

In this digital world, Glow in the colored Balloons are still popular. These are the regular latex balloons with LED lights. There are lots of gadgets and technology available around us. But most of the people like to decorate their parties with these balloons more.Glow in the dark Balloons


Why use Glow in the Dark Balloons?

Glow in the dark balloons helps to light up your party. Guests love the bright lights and colors. These balloons give a festive look.

Where to use Glow in the Dark Balloons?

People use these balloons on special occasions. These are great for birthday parties, backlight parties, wedding receptions, and so on. Nowadays, people like to organize a bridal shower; baby shower shows too. Blow in the dark balloons decorates the shows with fun.

Types of Glow in the Dark Balloons

Assorted color: Assorted balloons are single color balloons. They do not change color. The available colors of assorted balloons are green, red, white, and blue. In one box, you can get ten balloons. Among those ten balloons, the box contains 2-3 colors of each of those four colors. These colors decide the color of the Glow in the dark balloons. The latex balloons we use to attach LED are bright colors. If we install a blue LED light, it will flash a blue color in the aircraft. The colored latex balloons with Led lights do not look fun so much.


In this type, every balloon can change color from one to another color. There is also an option of an automatic rotating system. We use bright latex balloons here too but with multi-colored LED lights. There is one button on/off in the LED, and LED light comes with battery also. To change the color of the Glow in the dark balloons, one has to push that same button. After pressing the first button, the aircraft will turn on to red. If anyone touches it again, then I can notice a blue color. With every push, the colors will keep changing as green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Then the colors will flash from one to another the automatic system. These colors are the combination of those three primary colors, red, green, and blue. This way, we get all 7colors.

How to blow the Glow in the dark Balloons?

The party places where we want to decorate. We can take the Glow in the dark balloons there. To blow the aircraft, we have to fill them with helium. To supply helium, we should use a helium machine. In this case, bicycle inflators can also apply, but the balloons will blow only. They will not float.

Interesting fact:

The designer made Glow in the dark balloons to prevent the leaking of air.
That is why it has a tight seal, and we can’t blow it by mouth. It also has a ribbon attached to its’ base, and we can play with it.

How do Glow in the dark Balloons last?

Glow in the dark balloons with an LED light usually lasts long. Opposite to the balloon neck, an LED light needs to attach inside. A paper tab is also connected to the balloon’s mouth. We pull the paper tab and activate the light. The LED lights are small but pretty bright. These balloons with these LED lights last 15 hours. Some user says that these LED lights glow much longer too.


How to make Glow in the Dark Balloons with Helium?

It is easy to make Glow in the Dark Balloons with helium. If anyone wants to make these at home, they need only a few things. Ingredients are- helium, latex balloons, glow sticks, helium machine. To make this type of aircraft, the smaller bracelet size glow sticks are good.

How to do it:

At first, you have to stretch the balloons a little bit. This makes it easy to enter the sticks inside the aircraft.
Then you have to twist the glow sticks. Then you will hear a sound of ‘pop,’ and the rods will start to glow.
After that, you will have to blow up the balloon about halfway.
Then you need to insert the glow stick in the balloon. You have to be careful that air can’t come out too much.
Then you have to finish blowing up the balloon.


The size of the blow sticks is 4”, 6” and 12”. It depends on the size of the balloons that which size stick you will use. The 6” stick is brighter than the 4” and 12” is the most shining stick. But if the balloon size is not correct, then it will become Heavier will not float.

Usually, the glow sticks glow for a limited amount of time. The blowing time is around 6 hours. So when we are planning to use them on any occasion, we should keep it in mind.

Safety Tips:

Everybody should remain aware that the sticks they buy are non-toxic.
The adult should place the glow sticks in the water balloons. It may, and the chemicals inside may leak out too. If you have the non-toxic sticks, you will be fine. We must rinse any of the chemicals off the skin as soon as possible.
We should not break open the glow sticks to pour the solution into a water balloon. The glass inside the sticks could cut our skin and puncture the balloon.

Stay creative with Glow in the dark Balloons.

We can get creative with these bright balloons in the parties. We can place them on the front lawn to let guests know exactly where the party is!

For a romantic dinner, we also place these balloons in a pool. These give a nice glowing ambiance. Glow in The Dark Balloons is for a nighttime party for sure. So, anyone can remove boring candles and old lights from their parties. Adding these magical lights to any party is a wise idea.

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