Gastric tablets are causing death

Gastric tablets are causing death

Gastric tablets are causing death.

Those who take too much medicine for burning sensation in your chest, ulcer, and other bowel diseases; they are in the risk of death. These Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) increases the risk of death in the next five years by 50%.

Ziyad Al Ali, Assistant Professor of Washington University’s School of Medicine, says that if you take these medicines for too long, it will be harmful for your health. Every 1 one 500 people who take PPI dies of an overdose. He has claimed if millions of people take PPIs, then the total death rate comes to a bewildering thousands.

These PPIs are related to many diseases like kidney problems, bone fracture, and memory loss. Researchers have researched 2, 75,000 PPI users, and 75,000 people who take H2 Blocker. The research paper was published in BMJ Magazine. According to this research, those who take excessive PPI has a 25% higher death rate than the other group of people.


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