• Wednesday , 27 January 2021

Fossil of a monstrous crocodile is found at Madagascar

It looks like dinosaurs, but in reality, they are monstrous crocodiles. They built their empire back in the Jurassic Era at some 170 million years ago. There’re a lot of differences between them and the crocodiles at present. The head structure and sharp teeth set reminds us of T-Rex. Recently this fossilized crocodile is found at Madagascar in Africa. Its scientific name is RajanandangroveSakalavi AKA Rajana.

A research paper published at Peer Jay after studying this fossil says that Rajanais, the predecessor of crocodiles. They are fiery predators. In the old times, they ruled along with dinosaurs. They were 23 feet long, having a bodyweight between 1,760 to 2,200 pounds. Their strong jaws could crush even the bones of their prey.
It was found first in 2006 by Italian fossil experts Simone Maganuko, Christiano Del Saso, and Giovanni Passini.

After studying those bones and teeth, they assumed that Rajana was actually a species of dinosaur. They have studied these fossils for years. Recently they have found full fossils at Madagascar. After studying that fossil, they could understand the formation of their nose, jaws, skull, and bones. They are now convinced that it’s not a species of dinosaurs, rather they are relatives of crocodiles.

Del Saso said that they were not only strong but also cunning. They applied special tactics while hunting. Except for running behind their prey, they ambushed them. According to the researchers, this tactic is similar to today’s Hyenas and Lions. But they were not so comfortable in the water. They liked to wander on the solid earth.

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