Home remedies for cure low blood pressure

low blood pressure

Cure low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a common problem for many people around us. It also called by the name of hypotension. This is the condition that your blood pressure is getting low. When it’s going down than 90 mm, Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic that consider as low blood pressure. It is a significant problem. The symptoms of low blood pressure are nausea, palpitations, dizziness, blurred vision, Dehydration and unusual thirst, Lack of concentration, Fainting, etc. Sometimes this can be healing with home treatment by home remedies. Sometimes it needs medical treatment. Most people need not a medical treatment for low blood pressures. Sometimes it can cure with natural ways. Today I want to introduce some home remedies special tips for low blood pressures.

Use salt with your food. Many people avoid sodium for their diet, but this advice is not healthiest for everyone. Those who suffer from low blood pressures should add sodium to their regular food. It can help the body retain water. It will help increase blood. But please remember it before adding it consult with your doctor.

Drink enough water for the treatment of low blood pressure. Drink some water before every meal. Drink more water every day. Water is not only treatment for low blood pressure; it is the treatment of many diseases.


Caffeine is another remedy. Caffeine can increase your blood pressures quickly but for a short time. If you suffer from low blood pressure for a long time, you can consume 1 cup of strong coffee every morning, but do not make it a habit because the effect of regular drinking coffee is not clear yet.


Egg is another home remedy for your treatment of blood pressure. If you feel bad, you can eat a boiled egg. You will feel better.

Raisins are another strong very traditional remedy for low blood pressure. This is very effective for low blood pressure. Soak 30 to 40 raisins overnight in a cup of water. Eat it in the morning in an empty stomach. You can also drink the soaking water. It will be effective for your body.

Holy Basil is effective in the treatment of low blood pressures. It has vitamin c. Bring 10 to 15 basil and extract juice from it and add one tablespoon of honey drink it every morning for one week in an empty stomach.

Beetroot is helpful. Raw beetroot juice can heal this disease. You can consume it daily twice. Also, you can drink apple juice, orange juice. These also very beneficial for low blood pressures.

Some life also hacks there for this disease as you need to eat small meals. Small meals with breaks help digest your food and also help low blood pressures. After consuming food, take some rest. Take rest for 20 minutes after a meal will help you deal with postprandial hypotension. Avoid smoking. Drinks. You also need some exercise every day. Don’t get panic or stress. Also, you can try some meditation for this.  Change your lifestyle. Taking a meal properly taking rest is helpful for your low blood pressures.



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