• Sunday , 15 September 2019

The foods that increases the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is common phenomena and mortality rate due to breast cancer is at the second position, just after Lung cancer. There are some foods that increase the risk of breast cancer. Research says that with proper diet and healthy living, you can prevent cancer 9% of the time.
A lifestyle blog, Boldsky, has given the list of foods that causes the high risk of breast cancer. Those are:
Regular alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer. Alcohol can increase the estrogen levels and can cause damage to the DNA cells. Those who consume alcohol regularly can increase their breast cancer risk by almost 15%.
Grilled meat
As it is made in high temperature, it can increase the development of heterocyclic amines that increases the risk of cancer.
High fat animal products
A high-fat diet can give rise to estrogen level. It can give rise to hormone-dependent cancers like breast and endometrial cancers.
Artificial sweetener
Artificial sweeteners increase the risk of breast cancer. It gives rise to the level of insulin when ingested that gives rise to the risk of cancer.
Sugar has a high impact on blood sugar levels and can lead to the release of insulin.When insulin levels are high, it can increase the levels of estrogen and thereby cause breast cancer.

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