Top foods for muscle gain

foods for muscle gain

Are you looking for the best muscle building foods? Do you want such foods that are easy to get and cook? If you genuinely would like to build your muscle, you will need to eat food that contains a variety of nutrition.

Foods that provide the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat are necessary for strong bones and muscles. Fat is essential to supply energy to muscles. Protein provides you with crucial nine amino acids that help to build new muscle tissue after exercise.

So, to give you the best options for healthy muscles and bones here, we have attempted to provide you with eleven best foods for muscle gain. They are so easy to get and have all the necessary nutrition and fat that you are looking for. Have a look.


10 Best foods that make you physically stronger


Eggs can be the best choice for your bodybuilding. They are not only affordable but also super cheap and easy to find. Even, they provide nine essential amino acids.

Before we go any further discussion, let’s talk about why amino acids are so essential. When you work out, you may break or damage your muscle fiber.

If you have protein with those amino acids, your body will quickly digest them and shoot them right to your muscle. As a result, this protein will rebuild and help to heal those damaged muscles resulting in bigger, stronger muscles.

Moreover, you find better ration of omega 3 to 6 in eggs. A single large egg provides around 6 grams of protein. Furthermore, the egg yolk bears the cholesterol that has positive benefits as well. It maintains muscle cell membranes as well as keeps testosterone levels high.

But make sure to choose high-quality eggs because better eggs will provide high nutrition.



If you sincerely would like to put on the quality size on your muscle, meat is the best to have. Because meat is the food that has high protein, cholesterol, and saturated fat. All help to increase the testosterone levels and testosterone is a hormone that helps to develop the muscle and body.

Beef also has a high biological value that makes it easy to digest and absorb into the muscle cells. It also contains natural creatine to improve your performance level in the gym.

Further, it is a significant source of two crucial muscle-building nutrients zinc and iron. Elsewhere, a little bit of saturated fat helps to boost the testosterone. So, make sure to take lean beef as well. All recommend it as a healthy diet.



Chicken is a protein-packed option for you. Medium breast chicken is the right size for a portion. Even they are tastier to eat. Every 3 ounces of chicken serving give you 27 grams of protein. It has low-fat content too.

Like beef, it also has high biological value with more vitamins and minerals, which is helpful for muscle growth. How does it help you? Here you are.

A· Vitamin B6 helps to convert store cards into energy.

B· Zinc supports the release of muscle building hormones.

C· Selenium repairs damaged muscle cells and boost your immunity system.

4.Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese is another right choice from foods for muscle gain. The most important thing about the cottage cheese is, it is made from casein protein, which is an incredibly slow-digesting protein.

But the downside of this cheese is, it is very high in sodium.


Fish is another excellent food for strong bones and muscle builder. There are several healthy fishes that you can try out.

· Shrimp:

You find a fantastic source of protein in ShrimpShrimp. It has a great source of protein. Each 3 ounce provides you with 18 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs and zero grams of fat.

It is also high in leucine, which is very important for muscle growth. It is shallow in calories that makes it ideal for lean muscle growth.

· Salmon:

Salmon is loaded with quite good digestive protein that makes it a great choice to eat when trying to gain muscle. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid that plays a vital role in muscular health and develop muscle during a workout.

It also provides 17 grams of protein in each 3-ounce servings.

· Tuna:

Tuna also gives you 21 grams of protein in every 3-ounce serving. You will find a lot of vitamins as- vitamin-A, B6, and B12 in here. All will help to boost your energy during your work out. It contains some omega-three fatty acids too.

Researchers found that fish oil promotes leanness, improves heart health, and slow down muscle loss.


Everybody loves to eat fruits right after a meal, as side dish or snacks. It is easy to find and eat. Nuts also are friendly options for muscle building. Here are some excellent choices of fruits with complete nutrition for you to try.

· Apple:

Apple is your number one choice. We all know an apple in a day keeps the doctor away. Apple also helps to keep the fat away and make you stronger. Apple has a polyphenolic that helps to increase muscle strength and endurance. It also increases the number of fats that your body burns.

· Blueberry:

After apple, you can try this fruit also. There have free radicals inside your body that play a role in damaging your muscle cells. Further, it causes a range of other unwanted problems too in your body. You need to destroy them.

Blueberry can help you better in that case than other fruits. They carry anthocyanidin, a protein called antioxidant that removes those free radicals. The researcher shows that BlueberryBlueberry also helps increase post-workout recovery.

So, try to eat fruits every day. Hopefully, it will add an extra taste to eat with Oatmeal.

7.Protein powder:

High-quality protein powder provides an incredible blast of easily digestible protein. It is great to support you for a post-workout drink. It is the most convenient way to get your protein in when you are in a hurry.

Gold standard whey and Nitrotec are the most useful protein powder.

8.Whole grain:

If you are looking for non-animal protein sources, whole-grain food can act the role best. The whole-grain is a fantastic carbohydrate food for muscle gain. The name of most protein-packed foods is here:

· Quinoa:

All consider Quinoa as the mother grain, a complete protein. It is one kind of seed and has one of the healthiest, natural, vegetarian proteins that you need. It is only among the few vegetarian proteins that have essential nine amino acids, which is lysine.

Lysine is a complete protein source. You need carbs for energy to do the workout. It helps to make better use of protein. It also assists in the muscle repair process. The most important thing about the food is it is effortless to cook. Let’s know how to cook this:

*· Firstly, rinse it thoroughly.

· Then toss it in the pan for sometimes.

· Then add the spices that you like.

*· Add in hot water and cook until Quinoa soaks all the water.

· Finally, enjoy it with salad.

· Oatmeal:

Make a habit of eating Oatmeal every morning. It keeps you full and a great source of fiber. You can take it with the protein powder to add some more taste and nutrition. So, make it your everyday foods for muscle gain.

9.Sweet potato:

Sweet potato can be one of the game changers’ options for you. The great thing about this food is, it is super delicious and also easy to prepare. You just boil or cook it in the oven for 5 minutes and then eat it. Besides, potato is another source of an insanely fantastic carbohydrate low glycemic index.

It has a lower glycemic index than the white potato. A medium-sized sweet potato gives you around 24 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber.


Nuts are another strong reason to increase your muscle. They come with a bunch of nutrition. The well-known nut for muscle building is here:


1· It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that control blood sugar spikes after a meal.

2· Almond is an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, which helps to keep your heart healthy.

3· It also promotes muscle growth.

4· A hand full of nuts gives you more protein than eggs.

5· It boosts your energy level, providing manganism and cooper that fight against free radical damage also.

Last but certainly not least is that these foods for muscle gain are for building solid quality muscle within a short period. The most important thing you have to do is make it your daily food habit. They not only help you with building muscle but also keep your body fit and energetic in any situation for a long time.




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