• Wednesday , 7 April 2021

Facebook New features that everyone should know

Facebook New features

Facebook New Features

In the present society, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use Facebook. It is used by people of all ages. Even the children are creating a profile in a different way. Keeping its users in mind, Facebook authority is developing newer strategies every day.

Recently Facebook has made some changes to engage more users into newsfeed and in comments. They have brought some changes into their design so that people can find and read news easily from the newsfeed. They have also brought some changes in the system of commenting. also, They have declared these changes this Wednesday.

In a blog they have written, Facebook is trying to enable its users to talk livelier. Commenting is particularly essential for this. That’s why the system of saying is a bit changed. Apart from this, there has been a change in design. There are developed color contrast, big link previews, developed like buttons and icons, and changes in the profile picture of the posting person or commenting person.

Facebook New Features

There has also been a change in the camera feature. It has been on Facebook since last March. Now you can go live from the Facebook camera, make a looping video GIF and post full-screen texts easily. Messenger is also developed. In it, the AI “M” will suggest to you about Spotify. People who are collecting likes and shares through posting fake videos are being taken into custody now.

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