Experts say, coronavirus can be stopped.


Corona can be stopped.

As you know, the Coronavirus is horrible, but it can be prevented. China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan are showing it. They have been able to curb the infection through excessive steps. However, it remains to be seen whether it can be completely prevented. Experts believe that repeating this success in other countries like the United States will require extraordinary levels of coordination and funding from the leading leaders. Besides, trust and tremendous cooperation will be needed from the citizens. Beyond that, cooperation with each other around the world is required.

The New York Times has released a report on preventing the Corona. The report says there is a chance of preventing Coronavirus. There is also a weak side of this virus.

In an emergency situation,

the chairman of an expert panel David L. Hyman advises the World Health Organization. He says, “Although we have seen a widespread outbreak of the virus, such as the Diamond Princess ship, it is often infected by family members, friends, and colleagues. No one is sure why the virus is spreading this way. But experts are not giving up. Dr. Hyman says, “You have to identify the individual outbreaks and stop them.” Then strictly identify who has come into contact. But to do this, the health sector officials will have to perform intelligent, urgent tasks and need full support from the people. “

Several US experts have given their views on how to deal with Corona. They say people must stay home. In addition, a system should be set up so that the victim can be kept isolated and taken care of outside the home. Travel bans should be raised further. Production of masks and ventilators should be further enhanced. All barriers to coronavirus infection testing should be removed quickly.


there may be various reactions to compulsory isolation, school closures, and extensive GPS tracking strategies for patients. If you listen to the advice of experts, there is a possibility of winning the Coronation War. The New York Times has provided some suggestions that speak to experts. Learn Tips:

Have to listen to scientist’s and researcher’s advice

In the case of the United States, many experts do not want to give an opinion for fear of wrapping up in the government. But one thing has come out of the talk of all, is that in this situation, politicians have to step back and listen to scientists and researchers. As generals make briefing every day during the war, experts should now be allowed to explain the complex concept of the epidemic, to preserve medicines or social communication.

“It’s unnecessary to talk about what we should or should have done at this critical moment,” said Tim Jimmer, a specialist with the US National Security Council. We need to focus on the enemy now. The enemy is now Coronavirus. ‘

Stop transferring between cities.

Experts say, besides listening to them, the importance of creating extreme social distance should be emphasized. If a human being can be trapped in one place for six days with the help of a witch and a distance of six feet can be made, the epidemic will largely be prevented. It will be possible to reduce virus transmission to almost zero because most of the symptoms of coronavirus infection occur within two weeks. If tested sufficiently, all infected can be isolated. This will solve the problem.

But the problem is that there is no magic that can be extensively tested overnight. To deal with such a situation, there is no alternative to lockdown and social distance. Experts say the move must reduce expectations of travel and communication between people. There are some dangerous places in the city, such as restaurants, gyms, hospitals, or public transportation. In these places, there is a high risk of spreading germs from anyone’s cough. Such hotspots or dangerous places continue to grow when it is too late to reduce communication between people. No one can be identified until a week pass. When people are just starting to get sick, there are scars.

Medical, police, fire service, technicians, or emergency personnel should continue to work even if the blast completely stops. The supply of food and medicines should be continued. Experts say the lockdown is a cure for people. In Wuhan, China, everyone began to request jointly for food, medicines, diapers, and other essentials in the apartment complex. This is scary. But keep in mind, the longer it takes to close everything, the more damage will be done, and the longer it takes for the economy to recover.

 Eliminate the problem of coronavirus test

Experts say the tests should be conducted in a coherent and safe way. The critically ill must go first, and the testers must be protected. In China, those who went for the test, through the website, first described their symptoms. If the doctor decides to test, he is examined at a clinic far from the other patients. Doctors questioned after measuring fever. Then they were tested for the flu and influenza. Their lungs were examined on a CT scan. It is then called for coronavirus testing only. It used to be four hours before the exam.

Detect the victim quickly

Experts say the victim must be identified as soon as possible. Infected persons must find alternatives to the detachment at home because it endangers the family. In China, between 1 and 5 percent of infections occur in families. The same transmission pattern is seen in other countries as in China. Instead of the home-based rules for infected people, cities need to create facilities so that mild and mildly ill people can recover quickly with the help of nurses and doctors.

Wauhan opened many such centers as ‘Temporary Hospital.’ It’s something between the dormitory and the clinic. Here was the facility of bed and the oxygen. However, there was no advanced machine or ICU. Expert Bruce Aylward said people in China are reluctant to go to isolated centers by leaving their homes or their children. But when they realize that it is protecting their families, they agree.

If anyone has a fever, have to notice that.

China, Taiwan, and Vietnam have learned from the past. The fever in the epidemic has become a regular measure after the Sarus virus was attacked there on the 21st. In many countries in Asia, temperatures are measured before entering buses, trains, and office buildings. In this case, it is important to wash hands regularly to be sterile. Fever in China means going to a fever measurement clinic to check for Coronavirus. There were different approaches to this place. Police officers went to their homes to check the temperature in many areas. Many times there have been incidents of the force application.

Finding out those people who were in touch

Experts say that in the case of Coronavirus, it is essential to find every person who comes in contact with all infected people. Thousands of people were found there during the epidemic. Often there is a shortage of staff to look for such a person. In this case, social media can be accessed. Those who come in contact with the infected person should stay in the quarantine for seven days and temperature twice a day.

Arrange masks for everyone

There is also divided opinion among US experts on the use of masks. However, people living in Asia understand the value of using masks. There is very little information available on surgical mask prevention against Coronavirus. However, in Asian countries, people are asked to wear masks. In some cities in China, masks are made compulsory. Police surveillance is even extended to use masks. As experts say, the sick must wear masks to prevent the spread of disease.

Have to make a quick decision

Experts say high-level decisions on the continuation of essential services should be made quickly. World Health Organization expert Dr. David Nabarro said many Western political leaders were acting as if they were in dire danger. But no other way is open. Whoever has the power, must fight against it.

Start producing ventilators and oxygen.

Patients with Coronavirus will need plenty of ventilators. There is a shortage of ventilators in hospitals as required. When the patient grows, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that oxygen and ventilators are not deficient in protecting them.

Making temporary hospitals

As Coronavirus suffers, hospitals will be able to cope with stress. An isolation room will be required for the patient. Depending on the patient’s condition, the hospital visitors should close the crowd quickly, said the researcher at the Galveston National Laboratory. James Leduc. The Chinese government built two hospitals in just two weeks. Other hospitals were also divided. Some hospitals designed to treat coronavirus patients. Work done to create isolation zones in many hospitals.

Select volunteers

According to experts, China’s efforts were successful because they had thousands of volunteers. The government declared it as the ‘People’s War’ and launched ‘Fight On, Wuhan, Fight On China.’ Besides, motivational pictures, advertisements, and wartime propaganda started circulating. Many people are involved in measuring fever, looking for an infected person, building hospitals, providing support for various tasks such as providing food. With training, many can carry out tasks such as general service. “In my experience, how much the public has informed and their success depends on their participation,” said expert Jim.

Give importance to the treatment.

Doctors in China, Italy, and France have virtually fought off everything that was in the hospital’s pharmacy. At least two possibilities have emerged, which can save patients. One of its anti-malaria drugs is chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and antiviral remodel. However, there is no permission to use them. There is no evidence that they are effective against Coronavirus. There have been 20 clinical trials in China. Experiments are underway in Italy and France. Preparations are underway for testing in hospitals in New York.

Have to search vaccine

Researcher Anthony Fauci said the Coronavirus vaccine would be needed to protect everyone. Many companies and governments are working to create a potential vaccine. However, testing the safety and efficacy of these vaccines will take time.

Have to go for help to another country

Experts say rich countries need to remember that the war against Coronavirus is not theirs alone. Developing countries will have many difficult times and need help. You should get experience from countries that have been infected with Corona before in Asia. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is donating masks and coronavirus medical equipment in several countries, including the United States.

Developed countries ignored the World Health Organization’s daily warning. Expert Dr. Nabaro said poor and middle-income countries do not mean developed countries, even if they follow the World Health Organization’s advice. It has to change.


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