• Friday , 25 September 2020

By drinking many cup of tea, you are harming yourself.


There is no way without drinking tea talk in the story or chat? Great chemistry is the combination of Bengali and its tea. The chemistry, history, is cream pie. Nobody can’t think of the morning without tea. Some people do not feel satisfied after drinking a lot cup of tree. Is there any harmful project in drinking tea? Yes, there is.

Sleep disturbances:

Sleep disturbances are certain in drinking tea. The caffeine contained in tea creates this problem. So before going to bed, drinking tea is a terrible idea.

Prostate cancer:

Men have a habit of drinking tea, repeatedly! The risk of prostate cancer will increase through this habit.

Gastric Trouble:

Tea in an empty stomach means increasing the problem of gastric. Loss of appetite, as a result, the issue of gastric trouble is going to increase further.


Excessive tea can lead to constipation problems. So drink a less amount of tea to keep the body healthy.

The problem of cardiovascular disease:

The caffeine once again at the root of the problem. There are fears of cardiovascular disease. Refrain from tea, those who have heart problems. So drink tea, but measure it, think about it. You Must remain healthy.

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