Important Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Diet plan for weight loss is such a popular word. As my previous promise today, I come in front of you one of an extraordinary diet plan that can help you with a rapid weight loss.  Today I will share with 900 calories diet plan. You can lose 3 to 4 kg in 900 calories diet plan in 1 week. I know it is difficult to continue a diet plan strictly. So you can exchange some foods with other food that maintain the calorie.  The mandatory thing is you have to avoid all the fast foods, sugar, cold drinks. Hopefully, you will like my attempt to help you in your weight loss plan for weight loss

First of all,

I want to know you that this is a 900 calories diet plan. And another important thing is it is a ten days’ challenge plan. You should follow my steps very carefully. It is an egg-based diet plan. I will also show you the calorie calculation.

 The morning you should eat :

Three hard-boiled Egg. One cup of green tea. Each Egg contains 75 calories.  A hard-boiled egg makes a quick snack that provides good fats. Also, it is high in protein. Now come to green tea. It is one of the best healthy beverages on this planet. It is loaded with anti-oxygen. that is very substantiating that you help lose your fat very fast. In this time, you consumed a total of 225 calories.

In lunch, you have to eat

  • Three boiled eggs
  • One apple
  • One cup of green tea.

One apple contains 115 calories. Three boiled eggs contain 215 calories, and green tea contains 0 calories. So the total calorie of your lunch is 330 calories. Apple is high in fiber, and it is a natural fat blocker. You can take any type of apple that you like most.

The third part is an evening snack

  • 1 cup of green tea
  • One apple.

This meal contains only 115 calories. In the middle of your three meals, you can consume cucumber or carrot. Cucumber is a natural fat cutter. Each carrot or cucumber contains 30 calories. These are less calorie foods.

 dinner :

One cup oatmeal and 1 cup of green tea. You can add some fruits like an apple slice, almond, nuts, flag seeds for better result and taste. Oats keep you satisfied with your hunger for a long time. It helps to decreases the cholesterol level. One cup of oats contains 160 calories. If you feel hungry in between meals, you can eat only carrots cucumber and sprouts.

You should take green tea before at least 1 hour to your bedtime. Avoid all the excessive sugar, salt. You should maintain all the meals strictly. Please, for better results, don’t skip any meal. You should take breakfast from 8 to 9. Lunch 1 to 2. Dinner 7 to 8. These are the ideal time for consuming your meal.  This 900 calorie diet plan is super useful. Also, it proves very good for all age people and gender.

Hopefully, you will get a great result by consuming this diet plan.

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