Cream cheese filling for crepes: 4 best recipes ever!

Cream cheese filling for crepes

Cream cheese filling for crepes

Are you looking for easy breakfast ideas? Are you tired of the regular breakfast and want something new to enjoy breakfast or other meals? Yes! I am talking about crepe. Crepe is now a popular breakfast item for most people as it is easy and fast to make with simple ingredients near your hand.

As its sounds intimidating, but actually, it is one of the most natural recipes ever. Most importantly, the thing that makes it more delicious is the cream cheese filling. You will be surprised to know that not only elders but also the kids love cream cheese filling for crepes. But choices are different for different people.

Cream cheese filling for crepes

So, to meet the demand of all types of crepe lovers here, we have come with so many cream cheese filling items for a crepe with sugar and without sugar. Even those who are health conscious will not be disappointed. Because I also have a recipe for the cream cheese filling for pancake especially, for people who are on a diet. So, without wasting time, have a look.

What is crepe?

If you are not familiar with crepe, I can make you understand simply by a pancake. This pancake is generally rolled up or folded over for eating in breakfast or dinner or on some other occasion. The most exciting part about the crepe is, you can enjoy it in so many different ways. You can have it alone or with many delicious fillings according to your choice.


The word crepe came from a French word and pronounced “Krape.” The recipe is quite simple. Take a blender and put four eggs, 1 cup flour, two tablespoon butter, sugar, vanilla extract(optional), little bit salt, and 1 cup milk. Then, blend all the mixture.

Heat a pan and grease it with little bit oil. Pour some liquid on it and spread. Cook it until getting a golden color and then enjoy with filling.

Generally, most of the crepe lovers would like to have it mainly with cream cheese filling, which adds a unique Devine flavor to the crepe that you can never forget if you have it. You can have cream cheese with so many different options with sweet or without sweet.

For your convenience here, I will discuss different types of cream cheese filling for crepes.

  1. Plain cream cheese filling for crepes:

If you don’t have any time and want to enjoy crepe directly with plain cream cheese, you don’t need to think so far. Because of this 5-minute recipe with just three steps (almost tasted like a cheesecake) will definitely surprise you and let you make this again and again. Let’s have a look.

How to make the plain cream cheese filling for crepe:


Whipped cream around 1 cup, cream cheese 1 cup, vanilla one, and a half teaspoon, powdered sugar or honey according to your choice.


  • Beat or whisk the cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, or honey together until smooth.
  • Add in whipped cream and mix smoothly.
  • Spread on your crepe and enjoy it.

2.Keto cream cheese filling for pancake:

If you are in the diet but don’t want to miss the heavenly taste of pancake with cream cheese filling, then you can try out this recipe. This delicious low carb recipe needs only four ingredients to make, and don’t take your time much.

Not only that, but you can enjoy this cream filling with other items too as pancake, cupcake, or cake. Let’s have a look.

As you know, sugar contains a lot of calories. You can’t use it on keto. Instead, you can use granulated erythritol that almost fills the gap of sugar in your recipe. You can make cream cheese without powder sugar quickly now.


How to make keto cream cheese filling for crepe:


  • Cream cheese half cup, but if you find it cumbersome, you can use coconut or Almond milk instead. But make sure to use fat-free milk with low calories.
  • Butter- 4 tablespoon spoon. You can customize the amount of butter according to consistency.
  • Vanilla essence – half teaspoon.
  • Powdered sweetener- according to your choice.


  • Firstly, beat the room temperature butter and cream cheese or milk until it turns into fluffy.
  • Then mix powdered sugar and vanilla essence and beat until it thin out to a creamy consistency.
  • Apply it on your crepe and enjoy it.

You can change the amount according to your choice.

3.Sour cream cheese filling for crepes:

Don’t like sweet too much? No problem because you can enjoy your favorite pancake without sugar also. If you want a savory crepe, then enjoy the whole plain cream cheese filling recipe without sugar. Don’t know how to do that. Let’s jump to the details.


Plain sour cream cheese filling:


  • 1 cup cream cheese
  • Sugar-1 tablespoon spoon
  • Salt-little bit


  • Vanilla-1/2 teaspoon


  • Arrange all the items in a bowl and beat together until it turns into a creamy texture.
  • The amount is adjustable according to your liking.

The main twist is here. Now you can add chicken, beef, tuna fish, vegetable salad, or many more items whatever you like to mix with this creamy cheese filling.

Creamy cheese filling for crepes with chicken, meat or other items:

For adding chicken to it, what you have to do is firstly boil the chicken, especially the breast piece.

After boiling around 10-15 minutes, separate it from the water. Then, sliced, chopped, or shredded the chicken according to your choice. Finally, mix it with the cream cheese. The same process can be done with other meat or fish items also.

4.Cream cheese filling for crepes with fruits

If you like to enjoy crepe with fruits inside, then you are in the right place. Here I am sharing you two best fruits cream cheese filling for crepes. As you know, children love fruits very much because they are so much delicious and colorful.

To attract the children toward your crepe breakfast, you can efficiently serve them with different kinds of fruit inside, and if you do it with cream cheese, the toddler will love to have it every day.

  1. a) Banana cream cheese filling for crepes:


  • Six tablespoons butter
  • Three tablespoons brown sugar
  • Three medium-sized ripe bananas
  • 1 cup cream cheese or sour cream
  • Sugar-depending on your taste


How to make the banana cream cheese filling?

This cream filling recipe is straightforward to make as I mentioned earlier what you have to is just adding banana caramel with the cream.



  • First of all, heat the pan with the butter.
  • Then, add the sugar and heat until sugar dissolved completely.
  • After that, add banana slices and toss to coat.


  • In a separate bowl, add some butter, cream cheese, and sugar and beat until turned creamy.

To the end, the thing that is left only is mixing. Mix all the items and spread them on your crepe to enjoy.

  1. b) Strawberry cream cheese filling for crepes:

Another fruit mostly loved by all is the strawberry. It is also the combination of sour and sweet taste, so you can easily enjoy it with the cream on your crepe for breakfast or dinner.

How to make strawberry cream cheese filling?


  • 2 cup fresh sliced strawberry.
  • Two tablespoon cream cheese
  • ¼ cup powdered sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract.
  • Heavy whipping cream: two cups.


  • Take a small bowl and mix cream cheese, butter, and sugar with the beater until smooth.
  • Take another bowl and beat the whipped cream until fluffy. If you are an extra sweet lover, you can add sugar here according to your choice.
  • Then, mix the cheese and the cream. The quantity depends on you. You can consider the amount according to your wish.
  • Then spread the cream cheese filling on your crepe and add some fresh strawberry slices on top and enjoy through rolling it up.


Overall, now you can enjoy your crepes with many more delicious cream cheese fillings. Here we have tried to present the best cream cheese fillings for crepes not only with sweet but also without mild. Moreover, we also have focused on the people who are on a diet. So, enjoy your breakfast or dinner with yummy and tasty crepes.

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