cold weather effects on body

cold weather effects on body

cold weather effects on body

In the winter season, for the fact of winter effects, the humidity of the air decreases. During this time, different diseases arise. In winter, the problem of nose-ear and neck increases. At first, we need to say a little earlier. Why does nose and neck disease get different levels, especially in the winter effects? The winter in any country is very short-live, and many countries long live. Yet the change in the season, but it became clear in nature. And why the nose-ear and neck disease leads?

The reason is the nose but a body air conditioner. The only way to enter the air in our body is the nose. We think of the nose as part of beauty. But this nose works for many. The air that lasts in our lungs refines it.

Strainer works by filtering dust, washing, and filtering. If the temperature is high in the air, it may be cooled by the body, and it can be adjusted properly. Or take the body to a consistent temperature. And at the same time, the humidity of this air will be like this, after being in any moisture, the lungs will be protected from infection, but also this nose.

Another thing is that there is a thing about a nasal cycler, two nostrils of nostrils, but they work in alternate ways. What happens now? One thing is said, each of us has some nose bones some curved. Someone’s nose bones are not the same. We live by this, we live. But when the season changes, it is seen that, this is the case of air conditioning, it also has a chance. One thing is added to it. It is an allergic condition. For winter effects, the humidity of the air is greatly reduced.

Dust-sand, flower stems are much more in the air. This time the nose is closed. Those who have bones in their noses they have to do additional work in place of air conditioning. As the patients suddenly said that my nose suddenly stopped being stopped. When the nose comes off, there are problems with the nose related to the place, throat, and ears.

At this time,

many people say I played a little cold. Not so much for me so much, now the throat is a little pain. Tonsil inflammation, but this increased our time. Some people say that in the morning, I have given many sneezes. Due to allergic conditions, the nostril that we have started, with leaching epithelium, strengthens the process of protecting the lungs so that the lungs are protected. Now it is very interesting to say that if the guardian of his house is honest, then his bedroom will be very safe.

Now, this resistance is started, from the guards. Many people who have allergic conditions, allergic rhinitis, what are the benefits of taking drugs for a long time? I am taking medicines; I am not good for a long time. But here’s a very important thing. The benefit of taking medicines is that when we reduce allergic conditions by taking medicines, this is the only thing that can affect the lungs from this allergic condition, it will be very orbit. Otherwise, if such patients are in a state of emergency, they have a special type of asthma. They always cough.

Many times use nasal spray. They also refer to us. They also want the patient to be protected from the nose, and then the lung infection can be reduced considerably. Another thing is very important. These patients say how long I will take medicine? When there is a transitional period in your season, from hot to cold, cold to hot and rainy time-in this crisis, if someone eats drugs and follows the rules, then he will be able to stay good throughout the year.

There is a problem with Tonsil for children. You cannot stop the kids. Seasonal changes do not work much on his head. Another thing is that in the evening we start the fan or AC, in the morning, but the temperature of the room is very low. Then there is a lot to do in the air conditioning of the nostrils. He has been able to maintain coordination.

They are very easily infected. Probably it is coming with acoustic tonsillitis. Another is adenoid. Adenoid is not just winter effects. It’s not. Children with tonsillitis can be adenoid. We divide it into three parts. It can be seen, the children of Adenoid are very big, but this change of weather adds another new dimension. It is seen that this winter is sure to make them. They are breathing trouble, breathing in the mouth, and breathing. She looks cold. Mothers with such children go to the children’s experts first.

So when they go to them later, they say they are nose-and-neck disease devoid has a life cycle. Adenoid growth is up to three to seven years of age. Then it started to slow down. Going from 12 to 13 years of age, it is normal. The problem is that during this time, it is to harm, but it does. The development of the brain is not right. Because of their frequent cold, they need to give antibiotics as long as they are cold. Otherwise, its issue will increase further. So stay safe in this season with family.

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