Biography of Archimedes

Biography of Archimedes

Biography of Archimedes [ 287-212 BC ]

Emperor Hiero of Syracuse commissioned a goldsmith to make a golden crown. After receiving the crown in his hand, the emperor felt that there was alloy mixed in it. But the goldsmith denied the shaft. But the doubt in the emperor’s mind did not go away. He entrusted the court scientist Archimedes with the task of ascertaining the truth.

Archimedes fell into great thought. No harm can be done to the crown by order of the emperor. Archimedes couldn’t figure out how to determine its shaft without breaking the crown. A few days passed. Archimedes became increasingly restless. One day, thinking about the crown, he took off all his clothes and took a bath in the river. As Archimedes submerged his body in water, he noticed that some water overflowed from the calf. In a moment, a new thought appeared in his mind. He got up from the chowbacha in one jump. He forgot that he had no clothes on his body. In the joy of solving the problem, he ran naked to the royal court.


He took gold equal to the weight of the crown. Immerse the crown in water alone. It was seen that a little water fell. This time gold equal to the weight of the crown was dipped in water. Weighing the amount of water that has spilled out, it is found that its weight is different from the water that has spilled out before. Archimedes said, the shaft is mixed in the crown. Because if the crown were entirely gold, the weight of water spilled in both cases would be equal. 

A scientific formula has been proved through this discovery. “When an object is immersed in a liquid, the object loses some weight. The amount by which the object loses weight is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced.” This scientific theory is known as Archimedes’ law. Archimedes was born around 287 BC. Syracuse Island in the Sicily Islands. Father Pheidias was a scholar. 

Biography of Archimedes

He studied in Alexandria in his youth and youth. At that time, Alexandria was the seat of knowledge and science. As a student, Archimedes became known for his extraordinary intelligence and graceful personality. His teacher was Canon. Canon was a student of the great Euclid, the father of geometry. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, he wanted to become a mathematician. He was most interested in mathematics, especially geometry. Euclid, the Canon where he ends his subject Archimedes begins his work.

Archimedes hated war. It was also against his nature to obey someone. But as he was a subject of Syracuse, a servant of the emperor Hiera, he had to obey the emperor’s orders without help. He made about 40 inventions on the order of the emperor. Although some of them were commercial items, most of them were for the needs of the military department. An invention of Archimedes is the pool and the lever. Once a ship got so stuck in the ford that it could no longer be floated. Archimedes observed everything well. He felt that only if this ship could be raised, it would be possible to float the ship. Everyone burst out laughing after hearing about Archimedes. In a few days he invented the lever and the pulley. At the ship’s wharf, he managed to lift the lever at a high place. He tied a big rope in him. One end of the rope is tied tightly to the ship. 

Biography of Archimedes

Emperor Hiero himself came to the shipwreck to see this strange thing. The city was destroyed and all the people there were stuck. Archimedes, the emperor, pulled the rope with all his might. Surprised at the same time. The ship moved. People screamed all around. This time, many others joined hands with the emperor. As everyone pulled together, the ship really started to rise to zero. The emperor happily hugged Archimedes.

As a result of this invention, the work of drawing water from big stones, heavy objects, wells became easy. Archimedes once boasted that if I had a place to stand outside the earth, I would move the earth with this lever pulley of mine. 

The Roman general Marcus Marcus set out with a large fleet to attack Syracuse. The Roman general captured Syracuse. Marcus ordered Archimedes not to be killed. He was brought to him with respect because he wanted to see with his own eyes the great scientist who had single-handedly resisted his vast army. But none of the soldiers knew Archimedes. They started searching all over the city. Self-sacrificing Archimedes was doing research in his mind. He does not keep any news of the victory of the enemy. While searching, a soldier saw an old man with a white beard all over his face. Sitting in front of his cottage, he is drawing circles on the floor with chalk. The soldier said, you come with me, our commander is looking for you. Old Archimedes said, I am busy now. 

Biography of Archimedes

I can’t go anywhere until the work is done. The Roman soldier was not ready to listen to such words. He must obey the order given to him. Archimedes grabbed Archimedes’ hand and pulled it away. I can’t go anywhere if I don’t finish my work. 

The soldier could not bear it anymore. A citizen of a defeated country has raced so far, ignoring his orders! The body of the great scientist was cut by the waist sword. His unfinished work ended in a stream of blood. Archimedes was killed probably in 221 BC. Marcus was deeply saddened to see the scientist’s broken body. He buried Archimedes with dignity.

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