Biography of Al Farabi

Biography of Al Farabi

Biography of Al Farabi [ 870-966 AD ]

Al-Farabi is one of the many Muslim scientists and philosophers who were sent to the world by Allah Rabbul Alamin as a blessing for the development of Muslims in the world. His date of birth is not known exactly. There are differences of opinion regarding his date of birth. One of the reasons for this is that there was no importance in recording one’s date of birth in those days.

As far as is known, this sage was born in the year 870 AD in the village called ‘Al Wasiz’ near the city called ‘Farab’ in Turkistan. Abu Naser Mohammad was later known as ‘Al Farabi’ after the city called ‘Farab’. If you read the biographies of famous people, it can be seen that many were known by the name of their place of birth, nearby city or country. In the case of al-Farabi, the opposite did not happen to him. European scholars have distorted his name and recorded it as ‘Farabius’. Al-Farabi’s father was highly educated and a high-ranking officer in the army. His ancestors were natives of Persia. His ancestors left Persia and settled permanently in Turkestan due to Islam and political reasons.

Al-Farabi was thirsting for knowledge from childhood. There was a strong desire in his heart to know the unknown and conquer the unconquerable. So he spent his whole life in the pursuit of science. He is running from country to country in search of knowledge. His education began in Faraba. After studying there for a few years, he went to Bokhara for education. Then he went to Baghdad to get higher education. He studied and researched there for almost 40 years. He had complete control over several languages. He was proficient in various branches of science

Biography of Al Farabi

His fame as a philosopher and scientist gradually spread throughout the world. There was no branch of science in which Farabi’s genius did not extend. But still his thirst for knowledge was not quenched. In search of knowledge, he ran to Damascus, Egypt and many other places abroad. Researched various branches and branches of science. His contribution in physics, philosophy, logic, mathematics, medical science etc. was significant. However, the contribution in science and philosophy was the greatest. It was he who proved the position of ‘vacuum’ in physics. As a philosopher, he was considered the stage of ‘Neoplatonists’. As a scientist and philosopher he climbed to the pinnacle of knowledge.

Once Manishi al-Farabi appeared in the royal court of King Saif ad Daulah. Previously, the king had heard the name of scientist Al Farabi but never met Farabi. The king was impressed by Farabi’s knowledge and qualities and showed him great respect. Scientist Al-Farabi stayed here for some time as a companion of the king.

Biography of Al Farabi

Scientist Al-Farabi has written many works on social science, political science, philosophy, logic etc. But many have mentioned that the number of books written by him is hundreds. Most of these precious books cannot be found. His book ‘Ala Ahl al-Madinah al-Fadilah (On Philosophy and Political Science) is the most notable. Some of the books written by him about social science have made him famous. He is not alive today. But if he practices the fundamental discoveries of science that he left behind for the welfare of the Muslim nation, Muslims will be able to progress in science even today. There is disagreement about the year in which he died. As far as known he died in 956 AD.


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