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Ferensvaros flew under the pressure of Barcelona

Barcelona takes part in the UEFA Champions League every year wearing the ‘Favorites’ badge. Once again, the supporters think that Barcelona is claiming the title. However, the team’s coach Ronald Koeman said directly that this time in the Champions League, Barcelona cannot be considered a ‘favorite’.Barcelona

The coach’s own thoughts about the team seemed to provoke his disciples in Tuesday’s match.

Barcelona face Hungarian club Ferensvaros in their first Group G match at home to Camp Nou on Tuesday.

In that match which started at one o’clock in the middle of the night during Bangladesh time, Lionel Messi’s team got a spark of fire.

Barcelona defeated Ferencvaros 5-1. The goal was started by the captain Lionel Messi himself. Then the team’s wonder boy Ansu Fati from Spain, Brazilian star Filippo Coutinho, Pedri, French star Usman Dembele joined the captain.

Katherine scored the only goal for Ferencvaros. In the 10th minute of the match, Nguyen of Ferensvaros was overjoyed by sending the ball to the Bar জa net with great speed in the counter attack. But the referee whistle, not the goal, offside. He was offside while receiving the ball in the middle.

Ferensvaros flew under the pressure of Barcelona

10 minutes later, Brazilian forward Isael da Silver’s bullet speed shot hit the post and the team became frustrated. In the 25th minute of the match, Messi took the ball forward and entered the opponent’s D-box. The defender of Ferensvaros fouled Messi to save the goal. Barca gets a penalty for the referee’s whistle. Bar্সa captain Lionel Messi took the lead in the 28th minute with a goal from a successful spot kick. Ansu Fati missed the opportunity in the 29th minute of the match.

But in the next minute, Fati got a great chance to assist Kutinhor. Fati failed again. His low shot was caught by the goalkeeper of Ferensvaros. Messi himself failed in the 38th minute. When a cross from Janik fell in front of Messi, Messi sent it to the target with a double shot. But this time the goal post of Ferensvaros took the role of goalkeeper.

Ferensvaros flew under the pressure of Barcelona

Two minutes later, Trinkao touched Messi’s excellent assist. The goalkeeper of Ferensvaros stopped it. Ansu Fati succeeded in the 42nd minute of the match. This time it was Frankie De Jung who blew the ball in an unprecedented way and Fati got it in the D-box. Fati did not make a mistake to turn it into a goal immediately.

The two teams went to the break in the 2-0 scoreline. In the first half of the second half, Trinkao got annoyed with several bad shots. However, in the 52nd minute, Kutinho turned that annoyance into a laugh. This time, Kutinho scored a spectacular goal after getting the ball from Ansu Fatir’s smart backhill pass.

The Catalans went ahead 3-0. In the 72nd minute, Roberto, Fati and Trinkao were picked up and Firpo, Pedri, and Usman Dembele were dropped. In the 6th minute, PK saw a red card for a foul inside the Barca D-box. Karate of Ferensvaros scored from a successful spot-kick.

Barcelona, ​​which became a team of 10 people, continued the game in the 3-1 scoreline for 61 minutes. Pedri came down as a substitute in the 62nd minute. Dembele, another substitute, scored the goal. Pedri gave a nice goal

Dembele also succeeded after Pedri. This time Usman Dembele scored an excellent goal in the 69th minute with the help of Messi. If there are no more goals in the remaining few minutes, Barcelona will leave the field with a big margin of 5-1 goals. With such a victory, Koman’s team got off to a great start in the Champions League.

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