• Thursday , 24 October 2019

Bangladeshi girl Death in plane crash in training in the United States

Bangladeshi girl

California sanadiyegote 1 year of training, a Bangladeshi woman was killed in a plane crash. On Monday, local media said on ABC called Ten.The name of the deceased woman sayara light. According to her Facebook page at home.

The American Academy of Aviation Aviation sayara sanadiyego El kajana was training. Nine months before he was admitted to the academy. Press the pilot by profession, said his father.

Isaac Sanchez, a spokesman for the fire service said, after taking off, the plane goes up. They appealed for help. The plane crashed in the mountains ramonara. Witnesses told police that one of the aircraft crashed. About an hour later, police and fire service staff pamo Cleveland National Forest near the wreckage of the plane was found in the Valley.

Sanchez said the bodies were recovered Monday morning sayarara.

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