• Thursday , 24 October 2019

Bangladeshi-born British teacher barred from entering the United States

110841BANGLADESHIKE_BRITISH_TO_US_BANNEDNews Desk: Mohammad term saw the beginning of the Bangladeshi-born British teacher has been barred from entering the United States Mia juhela.

According to the BBC, the British media, Bangladeshi family juhela Mia was born in Wales. He netha the port area lyanagetaga talabota Comprehensive School. Another British press, The Independent writes that, as a teacher, she is very popular. He had traveled to Iceland juhela education school students. From there, they had to go to New York. But he was not allowed access. Juhelake eventually moved to the United States without the others.

Juhela CNN said the incident began when I first met Howe security officer. I gave up my passport to the woman officer. He saw the first part of my name Mohammad look at me straight. Then I said, you have to go through security checks.

The Triumph of the ongoing debate within the Muslim ban sthagita of Bangladeshi origin British teacher was prevented from entering the United States.  several international media confirmed the news. Feb 16 incident took place at the airport in Reykjavik in Iceland. The news was published by the British and American media coverage.

Juhela Mia told the BBC that his passport to check in at the airport. According to, it will be searched for security reasons. Then a separate room, and the whole body of his belongings were searched. For about five minutes. Air is then allowed to rise. Juhela boarded the plane with students and colleagues. However, some security before the flight took him down from the aircraft. He said no reason was simply that he will not be able to go to the United States.

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