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How Artificial Intelligence works? What are the Good and Bad sides of AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the machines’ ability to learn and act like humans. Scientists use special rules, algorithms to make smart machines, and software. AI allows devices to study human behavior and copy. Besides, they can solve complex tasks and save time. AI is a section of computer science.artificial intelligence

Categories of Artificial Intelligence

There are three types of AI:

  • Narrow 
  • Strong 
  • Super

Narrow Artificial Intelligence 

This type of AI does small tasks. It does weak and small jobs. People also call it weak Artificial Intelligence. Examples are-

  • Internet search
  • Self-driving cars
  • Personal help like Siri of apple.
  • Face recognition etc.

Strong Artificial Intelligence

It guides to solve complex and lengthy tasks. The other name of it is general Artificial Intelligence. This can mimic the human brain very well. For example- intelligent computers can understand voice and give replies. Many researchers have an interest in working on it.

Super Artificial Intelligence

Super intelligent machines are more powerful. It is an advanced system. These machines can think fast. Again, they take risks, decisions, and understand emotions too. 

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

The working processes of AI are unique. Those are-

Machine learning 

The process allows machines to analyze past data. Devices can identify patterns of data. Thus, they make summaries, decisions, and save time. 

Neural network

It follows the working process of human neurons. There are several steps. It helps to find out external data and their meanings. The method also shows the connections between the data.

Deep learning

The deep learning procedure has many layers. Artificial Intelligence works on a large amount of data with the help of this technique.

Computer vision

Computer vision is a process to identify pictures and study them. Machines learn the patterns of different images and give results. It helps Doctors to do x-ray scans.

Cognitive computing

Machines can read the human brain and behavior with this system. It develops relations between humans and devices. 

Natural language processing

NLP helps machines to read and understand human languages. They identify the meaning and give replies.

Some other subjects also support AI. Advanced algorithms, graphical processing, the internet of things, etc. are essential among them.

 What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in different sectors?

There are many uses of AI. Some of them are-


Artificial Intelligence has a demand in the e-commerce world. 

  • It gives many different ideas to design products. 
  • AI provides chatbot facilities to the websites. 
  • This system replies to customers and sends auto-messages at any time. 
  • It filters unwanted things and fake reviews. 

2.Transport system:

Self-driving cars need help from AI. 

  • It shows the right direction to the cars. 
  • Cars can know the environment around them. 
  • AI gives practical help to those cars. 
  • This helps vehicles to know about the traffics and weather conditions. 
  • This technology suggests hotels, routes, flights to passengers. 
  • Again, smart drones need help from Artificial Intelligence.


  • Doctors need intelligent machines in their decision doing jobs. 
  • AI helps in the medical laboratory, testing tools, and research.
  • This guides in a fast and secure diagnosis.


  • The automatic grading system is helpful.
  • AI helps teachers and students to save time. 
  • In the future, AI may teach as a virtual tutor.


  • In cybercrime, AI is very beneficial.
  • Researchers need it in their study of security.
  • Companies use it to save their valuable data.
  • AI improves cybersecurity systems.
  • Companies can stay aware of cyberattacks with the help of AI.


  • Artificial Intelligence programs robots. 
  • Robots help in many works and save time. 
  • They help to skip repeat tasks. For example, humanoid robots include Erica and Sophia, are popular today.


  • Smart machines help employees. 
  • Work techniques are comfortable with AI.
  • Workplace communication is secure. 
  • AI gives benefits to do automatic HR works. 
  • It helps in the recruitment process.
  • This provides smart tools.


  • The military robot is famous today. 
  • Governments all over the world are investing money in this.
  • Arm forces use machines, vehicles, and technologies in missions. 


  • Musicians take supports from AI. 
  • Smart devices help to make music.
  • Netflix, Siri of apple, Alexa of amazon entertains us in daily life.


  • AI helps to check soil, crops, fertilizer, etc. 
  • Agriculture robotics saves money, time, and the pain of farmers. Soon, it will help more in this sector.


What are the Good sides of Artificial Intelligence?

There are many good things about AI-

  • Artificial Intelligence analyzes past data and then makes decisions. So machines usually do not make errors.
  • AI allows devices to repeat the same works.
  • Robots can take risks to save us. Again, they can travel to other planets, under oceans, can defuse a bomb, etc. 
  • IT enables machines to make decisions fast.
  • The communication system is secure with AI.
  • Machines can work without breaks.
  • Daily applications of AI make our life easy.

What are the Bad sides of Artificial Intelligence?

There are also some bad things about AI-

  • The cost is high to make software and robots.
  • Since AI helps in many sectors today, it creates unemployment problems.
  • People depend on devices nowadays. Thus, they are becoming lazy.
  • Sometimes bad people use Artificial Intelligence to harm humankind.
  • Machines do not have any emotions. So, AI cannot improve human-device relationships properly.
  • There is no original creativity of AI. Computers only follow the rules and instructions.
  • Lack of experience is a problem. Machines cannot gather experiences.

What about the future of Artificial Intelligence?Future artificial-intelligence

Superb inventions of AI are growing day by day. From chatbot to Sophia, AI has many successful stories. Modern technology needs AI in industries and households. In the future, it may act as an investor.  But, we must remember that the impact of AI is exciting, not scary. IoT, prominent data scientists, need massive help from it in research.

So, more study needs about Artificial Intelligence to gain knowledge. Society needs many AI professionals for a bright future. Besides, we should adequately use AI to make our life easy.



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