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Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence technology has created a new sensation in modern technology. Movies, artificial intelligence textbooks, fiction books are top-rated. This computer science’s new discipline helps machines to become smart. We hope that it will make our daily lives more secure in the future.


AI helps a machine to think like humans. It makes a device productive, helps to increase performance with time. Problem-solving, learning, planning, etc. are skills of intelligent computers.

Artificial Intelligence Technology: Important Technologies

There are some necessary and top technologies related to AI. Today, every business tries to use artificial intelligence technology. The reason is to cope up with the modern world and make good profits.


Visual Recognition:

The technology supports machines to detect images.  These types of devices can run image searches. Again, people use it to identify videos, NID pictures, license plates, etc.

Natural Language Generation:

Systems find it hard to understand languages. This technology converts text to a secure form for them. Thus, machines get bright ideas and interact. They then make reports and sort out market data. ‘Arria’ provides these types of services.

Voice Recognition:

Many companies nowadays use this speech identification service. Smart computers detect and convert voices into useful forms. After that, they process it and respond. For example, Siri of Apple.

Deep Learning Platform:

It helps to copy the functions of the human brain. The technology uses artificial neural networks and process data. Speech and face recognition are parts of its’ programs.

Machine Learning Platform:

This artificial intelligence technology enables machines to learn. The goal of it is to create new learning techniques. Intelligent devices can learn and make predictions. They are accommodating for digital marketing. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and so many companies sell machine learning platforms.

Virtual Agents:

Like humans, specialized computer programs can give answers. Online businesses need this service as chatbot nowadays. This agent or chatbot is top-rated and effective. Chatbots interact with people with automatic responses.

Decision Management:

Every industry likes decision making capability of machines’. It helps computers to make decisions of maintenance, set up, tuning, and so on. This service is available in many companies, such as Maana. Again, Intel, Google has interests and invested in this.

Digital Twin:

It involved the offline and online worlds together. Thus, ease many tasks of the businesses.

AI in Hardware:

People today make new hardware to do AI-related jobs. Chips, tools help to increase the useful operations of computers.

Robotic Process:

This process helps robots to learn and copy human behavior. Robots learn the methods and can perform repetitive tasks. Companies use the systems for their growth. Blue Prism, Pega Systems are two examples.

Peer to Peer Networks:

Here, two or more computers share data. Scientists use it in cryptocurrency. Again, this helps to detect diseases like cancer, infections, injuries, etc.

Tools for Knowledge Worker:

Employees get helps from AI in their workstations. Smart tools support knowledge workers, especially. Tools provide information, save time, and ease processes. Nowadays, companies choose these aids because workers with little knowledge find these helpful.


This technology helps to analyze and measure data. They try to identify people’s body language and helps in market research. One example of a Biometrics company is Sensory.

Cyber Security:

Big firms use this defense system to protect their valuable data. The technology can detect a user’s harmful activities. Here, machine learning systems and neural networks work together. They help to fight cyber threats.


AI technology helps to track companies’ goals, rules, and requirements. Besides, compliance takes risks and ensures good profits. It tells what changes a company need. Again, it checks crimes, fraud, and reduces stress.

 AI in Content:

People make content for ads, videos, blogs, newspapers, and other purposes. But, AI helps in this case nowadays and makes the writer’s works easy. Special AI tools help to make sentences, suggest proper words. Some even check spell and grammar. Wordsmith is an example of a content creation tool.

Emotion Recognition:

Intelligent devices scan human behavior to know their feelings. They can even read expressions, body language, and voices. Businesses use it in robotics, games, education, and other sectors. For further outcomes, researchers and companies are working on this.

AI in Marketing:

In the marketing field, AI ensures people’s activities. This gives ads, manages budget and data. Online businesses use it to continue smooth contacts with clients. Software do those tasks fast, without any trouble. It can repeat works and brings benefits.


 Text Analytics and NLP: This technology helps to realize sentences. It detects fake things and gives us security in businesses. Some apps use it and maintain the data sequence. One example of a supplier is Indico.

Artificial Intelligence Technology: Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Every technology lover has a curiosity about modern AI nowadays. From beginners to researchers, artificial intelligence textbooks are necessary. Besides, people of any age like science fiction books. Three exciting and famous names of books related to artificial intelligence technology are:


  • Race After Technology-


Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code:

The author is Ruha Benjamin. In this book, she discussed critical algorithms and some apps. Again, the write presented how the tech-industries are expanding. Readers can know about new and different tools and a new idea, ‘New Jim Code.’ So, there are lots of things to read in this book.


The Master Algorithm

Pedro Domingos wrote this book. Readers can gain details knowledge about machine learning from this book. They can know how to develop new algorithms and combine algorithms. Again, there are many pros and cons of different algorithms. The good thing is, People with no machine learning background can read this book.

AI Superpowers:

The writer is Kai-Fu Lee; he published this book in 2019. In this book, we can know how China adopted this artificial intelligence technology. The author discussed that AI could bring changes in business and society. Besides, readers can know about the competition in the modern world and AI job fields.



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