albert einstein short biography

Albert Einstein short biography

Albert Einstein short biography  [ 1879-1955 ]

Einstein was born (March 14, 1879) in a Jewish family in Ulm, a small town in Germany. His father was an engineer. Sometimes he used to bring various toys to his son. His parents, his teachers could not understand the strange character of child Einstein that day. Sometimes there were complaints from school teachers.

A boy who is lagging behind in studies, inattentive Anmana. No one in the class was with him. At the end of all, he would sit on the back bench. His only companion is his mother. He listens to the tunes of the world’s best artists. And he played that tune on the violin. This violin was Einstein’s lifelong companion. Einstein was not very close to his father. He was busy with his factory. His life was spent in happiness. In the midst of those happy days, a dark cloud suddenly appeared. In that childhood, Einstein felt the bitter taste of life. They were Jews. But the school had to follow the rules of the Catholic religion.

The whole atmosphere of the school became displeasing to him. Philosophy books fascinated him the most. By the age of fifteen he had finished reading the works of Kant, Spinoza, Euclih, Newton. He studied science, philosophy, Goethe, Shakespeare in rock. In his spare time, he played Beethoven and Mozart on the violin. These were his companions, his friends, his world.

At this time, father’s business was in decline. He decided to leave Munich and go to Milan. If the luck changes. Everyone left Munich, only Einstein remained there alone. He was admitted to a polytechnic school in Switzerland. The first time he failed to pass the exam. Passed the exam in the second attempt.

The financial condition of the house is getting worse. Einstein felt that he had to accept the responsibility of the world. He started studying physics and mathematics to get a teaching scholarship. After graduating from the University of Zurich, he started applying to various schools for teaching. He had more educational qualifications than many but did not get a job anywhere. Because his crime is that he is Jewish. 

Albert Einstein Biography 

Nirupaya Einstein started to teach students by going door to door. During this time Einstein married his schoolmate Mileva Marek. He was only 22 years old then. Mileva was not only Einstein’s wife, but actually his life partner.

Einstein realized that it was not possible for him to get a teaching job. He took a job as a clerk in an office. Between work, he used to solve the complex theory of numbers on his notebook pages. He dreamed of breaking through the terrible secrets of nature. He only told Mileva about this secret pursuit, “I am researching the space and time of this universe.” 

Einstein’s research had no laboratory, no equipment. His only recourse was a notebook and pen and his extraordinary thinking power.

His research is finally over. He was only 26 at that time. One day he appeared at the office of the famous scientific magazine ” Annalen der physik ” in Berlin with an article of thirty pages.

Einstein published five works in this magazine from 1901 to 1904. In all these works, the conventional subject is explained in a new way. In this, Einstein’s name spread in the scientific community. But the financial problem was not solved. He was forced to take up the job of teaching students at home. Office work on one side, Mileva’s loving love, scientific research on the other. Finally in 1905 his four works were published. The first is about the composition and power of light. The second is the shape nature of the atom. The third is the theory of the progression of Brownian movement. The fourth is his famous theory of relativity. A new horizon emerged in the world of science. This relativity refers to the comparison of an object with another object. Einstein said, when we measure time or space, we must compare it to something else. He says light universe, time and dimension are relative.

There is only one speed in our universe that is not relativistic, nor comparable to any other speed – the speed of light. This speed never changes. 

This time an invitation was received from the University of Zurich. to join Einstein as a professor. In 1907, he was appointed as a general professor at the University of Zurich. He also worked in the patent office. Einstein’s name was gradually spreading in the world of science. Einstein was invited by the University of Geneva on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the scientist Lelvin. Here he was awarded honorary doctorate. Then his call came from Germany’s Salzburg Conference. Here Einstein read his essay in front of world famous scientists. He said, “At the next stage of progress in theoretical physics, we will have a theory that can tie the particle theory of light and the wave theory together in time.”

In response to Einstein’s statement, scientist Planck said, “It is not yet time to think about what Einstein is thinking about.” In response, Einstein discussed the derivation of his theory of special relativity, E=mc 2 , to show how true what he was trying to prove was.

*In 1908 a new theoretical physics post was created at the University of Zurich. Friedrich Edler, Einstein’s classmate, was nominated for this position under the pressure of political circles. Friedrich joined the new post only to find out that Einstein had been appointed for the post. He told the authorities that there was no one more qualified for this post than Einstein. Compared to him, my knowledge is insignificant. University authorities could also realize the importance of Friedrich’s words. Finally, in 1909, Einstein resigned from his job at the patent office and took up the full-time teaching profession. He came to Zurich and rented a house.

Einstein is no longer a clerk, a professor. But mine used to get 4500 francs, still so. But the lecture fee is slightly more. In the opportunity of teaching in the university, I got to know many people and talented scientists. At that time the call came from Prague, Germany. He was appointed as a professor of physics at a German university. Mine is more than ever. Moreover, you will find a huge library for research in Prague. Einstein came to Prague with his family in 1911. A few months ago, his second son was born.

Finally in the long desired Zurich. Madam, Kuri, along with her two daughters came to spend a holiday here. A sweet friendship developed between the two scientists. Madame Curie explains radioactivity and Einstein explains his theory of relativity while walking along the mountain path. On the one hand, he was so excited to talk about his theory, Einstein fell into a hole on the side of the road, so Marie Curie’s two daughters burst out laughing. Einstein joined them in laughter as he rose from the hole. At that time, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute was established in Berlin under the patronage of the Kaiser. There is no such large laboratory of science anywhere else in the world. Planck, Nernst, Harr and other famous scientists joined here. Einstein came to Berlin. He was impressed by everything. Not only the laboratory, but many scientists can be found nearby. Can work together. He was given twice the current mine.

Albert Einstein Biography 

Einstein came to Berlin in 1914. When Einstein left Berlin, he was a teenager of fifteen. He returned to his hometown after twenty long years. Met familiar people. Best of all, the distant sister is back. Einstein was always fascinated by Elsa’s presence. In a short time, closeness developed with many.

He decided that it was not possible to have a long-term relationship with Mileva. Finally they got separated. Einstein married Elsa. Meanwhile, the war ended. The fall of the Kaiser. The new German Republic was established. Einstein’s theory of relativity was not yet proven. English scientists came forward. Several pictures of the eclipse were taken. After examining the picture, it was seen that the light was bent. Scientists were excited. Man wants to cross the boundaries of his knowledge.

Finally, on November 6, the breakthrough discovery, light bending, was announced at the Royal Society of England. This law of bending is not in Newton’s theory. The size of the curve of light is based on Einstein’s law of relativism. The ironic Einstein joked about his breakthrough discovery and said, We have proved the theory of relativity to be true. This time Germany will say I am German and the French will say I am a citizen of the world. But if our theory were false then the French would say I am German and the Germans would say I am Jewish. 

Albert Einstein Biography 

One day a young journalist said, what is the theory of relativity ? Einstein joked that when a man talks to a beautiful woman for an hour, he feels as if he has been sitting for a minute. But when he is made to stand for a minute in a hot tub, he feels as if he has been standing for an hour. This is the theory of relativity.

Finally came the best reward of the saintly scientist’s life. For a few days, the Nobel Committee was thinking about giving the Nobel Prize to Einstein. But doubt was seen in Nobel’s announcement itself. He said that the Nobel Prize in Physics will be awarded to the discoverer and that the discovery theory is revolutionary but it will not directly be of any use to the people.

Albert Einstein Biography 

At that time, it is possible to say that his photo electric effect or light electric effect is a direct discovery and its direct use is therefore declared “Service to the theory of physics, especially for the Law of the photo Electric Effect.”

As part of the terms of his divorce from his first wife, Mileva, Einstein sent her the entire Nobel Prize money. There were repeated calls to give speeches in America. Finally, in December 1930, he went to the United States, where he received unprecedented honor. Not only America, but wherever you go, you get respect and love.

Albert Einstein Biography 

Meanwhile, home country Germany gradually became exile to Einstein. On the one hand, some scientists looked at his success recognition with envy, on the other hand, a group of people became intoxicated with a nationalism in the country with the advent of Hitler. Jews were increasingly regarded as hated second-class citizens. Einstein realized that it was not safe for him to stay in Germany. But where to go ? Calls come from different countries. Finally decided to go to Princeton in America. Emigration of Jews from Germany began. Einstein realized that this time it was his turn to go too. First went to England. From there he left for America on July 7, 1934. He was fifty-five at that time.

Albert Einstein Biography 

Princeton authorities became concerned about Einstein’s safety. Who can say that the team of assassins will not cross the ocean and reach America. So he was kept in a secret place. The address of that house was not disclosed to anyone. He does not like to be like this. Sometimes he came out of the laboratory and went out for a walk. One evening the director of Princeton received a phone call asking if he would please give Einstein’s home number.

The director hung up the phone as Einstein’s house number was not disclosed to anyone. After a while the phone rang again. I say Einstein, forgot both house number and street. If you please tell me. This is a strange phenomenon, the man who cannot remember the address of his house, he finds the address of the mystery of the universe. In fact, in the latter part of his life, Einstein became a hermit.

He loves children more than adults. Forget everything when you go to them. Imaginary Christmas for children is old. No coat, no tie, no jacket. Loose pants and neck-tight sweaters, big hair on the head, stubbled beard, thick mustache. Often forget to shave the beard. When he remembers, he rubs the soap on his face and cuts his beard. If someone asks, what is the point of shaving with stuff smeared on the body? Einstein used to reply, what is the use of using two kinds of soap.

Not only on behalf of the persecuted Jews, he became increasingly terrified thinking about the future of the entire human race. He supported those who were struggling against the war, regardless of party affiliation. He believed that one day people will forget this madness of destruction and unite. And people will find their religion in unity. In 1936, his wife Elsa suddenly fell ill. For sixteen long years, Elsa was Einstein’s worthy wife, his happy and sad companion.

Albert Einstein Biography 

Einstein understood everything, but he only looked like a helpless person. Finally, in 1936, he left his forever beloved Elsa Einstein. Einstein was temporarily broken by this trauma. At this time the potential of nuclear power was bright. Everyone could realize the horror of this power. Experiments revealed that uranium is the most convenient metal for creating nuclear energy.

And this uranium was only found in the Congo basin. Congo belongs to Belgium. The scientific community was terrified that if the Germans got hold of this uranium, they would not hesitate for a moment to make an atomic bomb. German scientists are secretly researching. Einstein found that his equations were being proven. Immense energy is available through the transformation of a small mass. Einstein wrote, “I never thought that this power would be available in my lifetime.” 

Meanwhile, German forces are advancing at breakneck speed. In World War II, Allied scientists realized that to win the war, they needed to develop the atomic bomb, and they had to develop it before Germany did. All collectively appealed to American President Roosevelt. 

Although this petition was signed by Einstein, he was not directly or indirectly involved in the development of atomic bomb in America. In the end, he wanted this research to stop. He told the scientist Max Born, “That was the biggest mistake I made in the application form for making the atomic bomb.” Dismayed by the devastating effects of the atomic bomb on Japan, Einstein wrote, “It does not seem that atomic energy will soon turn out to be a blessing in human life. This power is the source of fear to mankind. Maybe indirectly it will do well. In fear, mankind will introduce specific rules and regulations in their mutual relations. Without fear, people will probably never be able to advance on the path of peace. 

His new theory (A generalized theory of Gravitation) was published in 1950 . Universal theory of gravitation. The theory is so complex that very few people could understand it. When scientists asked him to discuss his new theory, he told Sakoutu that it could be discussed after twenty years. After the Second World War, the new Jewish state of Israel was formed. Einstein was invited to be the president of the new state.

Albert Einstein Biography 

Einstein said, even if people understand the theory of nature, they don’t understand anything about politics. Moreover, the post of President is only for decoration. He can never support what his conscience cannot accept, even if it is beautiful. Nearing the end of his life, at the request of the English philosopher Bertrand Russell , Khashara began writing for world peace. But could not finish. His life ended on 18 April 1955. According to his wishes, the dead body was cremated. It is heard that his brain was taken to a laboratory for testing. No one has revealed anything else about him.


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