400 GB memory card coming in the market

Which memory should have left and which need to keep? This is a big problem for everyone. However, 400 GB of the memory card has been brought to the Sandisk market to free the customers from getting rid of it.

Memory Card

According to a report by the tech website Mashable, Sandisk opened their memory card in Berlin last week in Germany. On the same day, along with the memory card, 18 -core processor-rich monster PC, the Gazilan VR headset is announced by them.

However, in all these different ways the Sandisk 400 GB memory card has caught the attention. The memory card is three times more than the first MacBook Pro.

If you are a book collector, then it is possible to keep a digital library completely on this memory card. The memory card will save about four million books of each one megabyte.

You can save up to two million images of every two megapixels of 12 megapixels in this memory card. Apart from this, there are about one million songs, four GB, and about 88 high-definition movies that can be stored in four megabytes of memory card. And in the case of Blu-Ray, the number will stand 16.

The most widely used 32GB memory card is possible to hold around 1,600 images, eight thousand songs, and seven high-definition pictures. So, by using this estimate you can imagine the magnitude of the 400 GB memory card. Earlier, the maximum amount of memory card was 256 GB. This new memory card has broken so that the past record. This memory card of Sandisk 400 GB has been valued at 250 USD.


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