19 Brazilian footballers affected by corona

19 Brazilian footballers affected by corona

19 footballers of Brazil’s top club Flamengo have been infected with the epidemic coronavirus. Although the footballers of the club were attacked, Flamengo had to enter the field on the order of the court! Palmeiras faced defending champions Flamengo in Brazil’s domestic league on Sunday night.The Rio de Janeiro labor court on Saturday ordered the match to be postponed due to Corona’s attack on the Flamengo camp.

But the decision was changed at the last minute on the appeal of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Flamengo was forced to enter the field with the players of the age group. The match was drawn 1-1. The idea is that the match could spread further. Because many of those who played for Flamengo came in contact with the affected teammates.

In addition to the 19 players of the main team, 17 staff members of the Flamengo including the coach and president were also affected by the corona.

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