• Thursday , 24 October 2019

How Bangladeshi workers in Qatar


DHAKA: As per capita income of the world’s richest countries, Qatar. The country has 3 million Bangladeshi working in different professions. But most of Bangladeshi workers a place to stay low. Police say the lack of agreement with the workers of the company, they can not do anything.

Dohar meet in the Qatari capital in different places, and the tower-her matching colored light. Developed countries like the United States or Europe is going beyond day.

But the very different environment of expatriate Bangladeshis living in the country. There is no way of knowing it at home in any developed country. Substandard living conditions are miserable and crammed together, these Bangladeshi workers.

Workers to work in an organization failing to develop Qatar’s Bangladeshi community leaders frustrated.

In the absence of the company’s contract with the Bangladeshi workers and their employers are not able to stand by helpless expatriates Bangladesh Embassy.


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